Ultra high temperature combustion air is force fed into three independent burn chambers at the rear of the firebox as well as one at the front.

Combustion extreme.



The combination of highly pre-heated combustion air and the specially designed Ethos firebox with four independent burn areas acts like a supercharger for burning wood.

Nearly everything burns, from the solids and volatiles to the smoke itself. This is key to why our fires are so efficient at generating heat, and why their emissions are so low.

We regularly receive feedback from new owners amazed that they are getting so much heat from so few trips to the wood stack.

Other fires billow smoke from their chimneys, but with an efficient Ethos your neighbours will be hard-pressed to tell your fire is going.

Better for your fuel costs, better for the environment, and far less residual ash to clean in the morning. 

The fire also burns brightly, so you are rewarded with a more entertaining visual experience while you enjoy the heat.

What’s not to love?