What Ethos owners are saying


“It is such a fantastic fireplace. I am impressed with the lack of emissions it produces … I’ve been outside on quite a few occasions to see how much smoke was coming out of my chimney, and in all cases it was next to impossible to actually see any smoke whatsoever.
I’m also very impressed with how easy it is to get the fire going. I only need a couple of handfuls of screwed up paper and a very minimal amount of kindling. It’s virtually as easy as pressing a button.

The efficiency of the burning is certainly apparent in the lack of ashes left behind. I haven’t had to clean the fire out once yet, and I suspect I’ll probably get through most of winter without emptying ashes.

Certainly highly recommended and have given the fire glowing (pun intended) reviews to friends.”

Peter S - ethos Ares

“We have had our Ethos inbuilt fireplace for five years now. This is the most economical heat packing fireplace we have ever had. If installing another heater we would not look beyond using the same again. We have found a secret is to get it roaring and when there are plenty of hot embers keep the fuel up and shut the vent down to slow burn. We installed a heat transfer system in the house so it warms the rest of the house with ease.”

Michael G - ethos Ares

“My husband and I have to admit we had reservations about heat output after seeing the size of the wood box, but we needn’t have had any doubts – this woodburner is excellent! We are now using half the wood we used before i.e. instead of three boxes per night, we are now using only one box. It truly just shows how inefficient our older woodburner was. We are very impressed.”

Robyn L - ethos Genesis

“I would like to thank everyone at Ethos for a great woodburner – I had hoped it would heat the living room and maybe the kitchen – well – it heats the whole house and there are no drafts! I am SO happy with the new burner – not only does it heat the house – the new Ethos uses a fraction of what the old open fire did AND gives out so much heat that two bedrooms off the hallway are wonderfully warm just by natural convection.

I am also very happy knowing that my emissions from burning wood are as low as possible! For the first few nights we cooked dinner on the cook top just because we could! It was great! The burner burns so well there is very little ash – I am continually surprised at how little ash there is and at how well the wood burns – and am very pleased at the simple but smart innovation of bringing cold outside air from the outside therefore eliminating drafts!”

Nigel H - Ethos Genesis

"I was advised to buy an Ethos Fireplace after having numerous we'll known fireplaces over the years in houses we have owned. I was uneducated on these Fireplaces and uncertain but willing to purchase an Ethos on educated advice.
After the first Fire my uncertainty was squashed and we are stoked with the efficiency and the amount of heat this fire produces.
We purchased the Freestanding Phoenix to heat the upper level of our house which is 125 sqm and this fireplace does an amazing job at heating the entire level without having to install a heat transfer kit or opening a window to draw the heat through the house. We have gone from a very chilly house to a very toasty and comfy house.
Thanks for the fantastic advice on helping us to get the best fireplace we have ever used!"

clint & lou G - Ethos Phoenix

 "Our Ethos fire is absolutely amazing, it heats our small house (100sqm) so efficiently that we have every door in house open, all rooms are heated and toasty warm. In fact sometimes we have to open windows to cool down and be able to sleep. Thanks Ethos, you have made our winter so much more comfortable"

Jill & Peter F - ETHOS AQUOS

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