Ethos Woodfires was founded in 2000 to assist reduce the air pollution problems in Christchurch, New Zealand; necessary as it appeared at the time the only option for the local council to reduce air emissions was to ban woodfires completely.

Christchurch experiences subzero winter temperatures, and the opposition to banning woodfires was strong, with fears that many would struggle to endure winter without them.

Ethos Woodfire designer Paul Sintes decided he could design and build a cleaner wood fire than was then available, and he did exactly this, releasing the Genesis in 2001.

Following the work he did in this region, in 2003 Paul Sintes received the shown Achievement Award from the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand for the significant contribution to the improvement of air quality that Ethos fires made to the Christchurch area over this time.

No other fire or designer in Australia or New Zealand has received this honour, it is an award we at Ethos Woodfires are very proud of.

Paul Sintes continues to design our Ethos models today.